Vellulli Lehyam

velluli lehyam



Ratnavilas' has lunched a special product into the market ,the 1st of its kind in India,by the name "Vellulli Lehyam' with the combination of this medicinal valued plant 'Garlic' along with many other Ayurvedic  Medicines. The Outstanding one of Since time immemorial 'Garlic' has been used as a medicinal plant. The age-old observation paved way into the discovery of the secret of this plant's medicinal power .Nature has generously endowed 'Garlic' with valuable components namely-calcium, iron, Vitamins-C, proteins etc. The presence of 'alien' in garlic enhances the immunity power in the body.

The use of Garlics is good for heart-diseases and intestinal disorder, it regulates blood-pressure and blood composition, reduces bronchial attacks and purifies the blood. Beside that it adds strength to the teeth and produces thick hair.

Diseases due to worms, generally seen in children and adults is cured, aiding good health. From times immemorial "Vellulli Lehyam", is considered to be a proven and essential factor for women after delivery (nursing mother). "vellulli Lehyam " recommended for delivered women, and helps the nursing mother. It promotes lactation and purifies the blood. Besides that it adds strength to our products, and it is known as Garlicos. This medicine is exported abroad as a food supplement.

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