swasamrutham - cough syrup

Ayurvedic Cough Syrup

Combined effect of :

Each 100 ml contains extracts from 4.1293g
Adhathoda vasica 4.1293g
Ocimum sanctum 4.1293g
Aegle marmelos 4.1293g
Gmeline arborea 4.1293g
Premna corymbosa 4.1293g
Stereospermum suaveloens 4.1293g
Oroxylum indicum 4.1293g
Solanum indicum 4.1293g
Solanum xanthocarpum 4.1293g
Desmodium ganjeticum 4.1293g
Pseudarthria viscida 4.1293g
Tribulus terrestris 4.1293g
Cinnamomum camphora (Pachakarpooram) 0.2477g
Trahyspermum roxburghianum 0.2477g
Mentha arvensis 0.4954g
Sugar candy 49.5583g

Indications :
An ideal remedy for all types of respiratory diseases, especially for severe cough and mild suffocation.

Directions for use :
Adults : 1-2 TSP -4 times daily
Children : 1 TSP -4 times daily
Infants : 1/2 TSP -3-4 times daily

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