Stonex - 50 Capsules
A unique combination to eliminate all kinds of calculai from the body.


STONEX is a unique combination of various medicinal plants which helps dissolve kidney stone and expels the gravel through urine. Stonex arrests re - formulation of stones or crystals and relieves associated pain. This combination is derived from the manuscripts of ancient times.


Each Capsule/tabsules is prepared out of
Kramuka Kshara 0.025 gm
Gokshura Kshara 0.025 gm
Veerathara 0.045 gm
Sahachara 0.045 gm
Dharba 0.045 gm
Vrikshadani 0.045 gm
Nala 0.045 gm
Gundra 0.045 gm
Kasa 0.045 gm
Kusa 0.045 gm
Ashmabetha 0.045 gm
Morada 0.045 gm
Dunduka 0.045 gm
Kurundika 0.045 gm
Vashira 0.045 gm
Vasuka 0.045 gm
Agnimandha 0.045 gm
Indeevaree 0.045 gm
Shwadhamshtra 0.045 gm
Kakamachi 0.045 gm
Kandasari 0.45 gm


For kidney stones, gall bladder stone and stone in the pancreas, etc.


Avoid tomato, cabbage, milk, eggs, small sea foods and small foods that have higher calcium content.

Drink more water (preferably boiled extract water of coriander)


50 capsules 5 blister strips of 10 each.

Asmari dharuno vyadhiranthaka prathibhomathaha I
- Ashtangahridayam (800 A.D)

Asmari is a painful disease, which equals to the pain by death.This pain can be reduced and also the asmari can be removed.

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