Snaps Capsules


snaps capsules

An effective remedy for the protection form the ill effects of smoking.

SNAPS is a completely safe Ayurvedic formulation which: improves the general well being of a person having regular smoking habit and effectively reduces the anthrogenic effect of nicotine.

Each 500mg is prepared out of:


0.45 gm



0.45 gm


0.45 gm


0.45 gm


0.05 gm



Helps to reduce the anthrogenic effect of nicotine & it gives a soothing feeling to the frequent smoker.


SNAPS made significant changes in lipid metabolism. These metabolism changes resulted accumulation of lipids in the Kidney, heart and liver. Increased lipogenesis due to the administration of nicotine is a risk factor for cardio vascular diseases and lung cancer in smokers.

An increased concentration of cholesterol, triglycerides and phospholipid in liver, heart, kidney and in the serum were found in the nicotine administered rats. Oral administration of Snaps reduced the levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, phospholipids and LDL + VLDL fractions of lipo proteins and increased LDL fraction.

HMGCoA ratio decreased in the group given intraperitoneal injection of nicotine. This showed an Increase activity because HMGCoA reductase is the rate limiting step in Cholesterol biosynthesis. Snaps administration significantly increased HMGCOA ratio indicated decreased activity.

Nicotine treatment increased the level of Serum enzymes such as AST, ALT, ALP and ACP. These enzymes get released in high concentration into the serum due to hepatic dysfunction. Administration of Snaps decreased the concentration of ACP and ALP while AST and ALT remain unchanged.

Administration of nicotine increased the level if lipid peroxides and gluathione reductase in heart, liver and kidney. Oral feeding of SNAPS decreased the level of lipid peroxides while glutathione reductase showed no significant changes. SNAPSeffectively reduce the anthrogenic effect of nicotine.


1 capsule 6 times daily or as directed by the physician


50 capsules. 5 blister strips of 10 each.

Inhalation of smoke, dust, over-exercise, foods which are dry, food particles entering the wrong passage (trachea) suppression of natural urges, control of sneezing increase prane and cause kasa .

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