Slim Coffee

Garcinia Combojia + Instant Coffee.

Ingredients : Instant Coffee + Syzium Cummni + Kerela.

Composition : Neels Slim Coffee is a combination of Garcinia Combojia and Instant Coffee. Hydroxycitiric Acid which is the main ingredient of Garcinia Combojia has been clinically approved for reducing fat.

Garcinla Cambojia : Fruits have been reported to have around 20-3-% of (-) hydroxyl citric acid lactone along with tracer amount of citric acid. Addition of pectin has also been reported from the fruits.

Steviacide : In order to make the coffee more palatable Natural Herbal Sweetener called 'Stevia' is added. No need to add sugar. Stevia, the natural herb is non-caloric sweetener. This helps in slimming also.
slim coffee

Clinical Trails : IHCA has been shown in experiments to suppress both appetite and the formation of fats and cholesterol in the liver. In addition it results in an increase in LDL receptor activity in liver cells that can pull LDL cholesterol out of circulation. It acts as a cholesterol-lowering agent.
There is no reduction in protein or muscle tissue to detract from the reduction of circulation fatty acids and total lipid levels in body.
There is an increase in glycogen production that may be the cause of the perceived energy increase mentioned above.

Action : HCA inhibits lipogenesis, lowers the production of cholesterol and fatty acids, increases the production of glycogen in the liver, suppresses appetite, increases the body's production of heat by activating the process of thermogenesis. Potential dietary supplement for weight loss and appetite control.

Instant : The Slim Drink is ready instantaneously. Add it to a cup of hot water and drink. All the ingredients are water soluble and instant in nature.

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