Single Herb Drug

Single Herb Drug

Herb Veda

Manufacturers of Quality Food Supplements and Herbal Medicines. Some of our products have also been tested, approved and recommended by German doctors in Germany


Liver T Forte is a combination of herbal extracts to protect the liver against various hepato toxins. It helps to correct liver dysfunctioning, and promotes appetite and growth.


Kidney Tone is a unique combination of herbal extracts for all kinds of kidney related problems. It helps to correct Kidney dysfunctioning, Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI), Chronic Renal insufficiency, Nephrotic syndrome.


Prostate Tone Forte is a Potent combination of herbal extracts for all kinds of male urinary Problems. It helps in dysuria, burning micturition, flow of urine, strengthening of urinary genital system.


Mobi-Guard is a combination of herbal extracts, to help mobility and recovery from joint paints. It helps in reducing swelling, stiffness in joints, reduces oedema and restores mobility. It helps in early recovery from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and gout.


Su-Guard helps to maintain blood glucose at optimal levels. It helps to check other diabetes-related complications like increased urination, excessive thirst, kidney dysfunction, excessive sugar in the urine, and vision defects etc. It helps to stimulate the pancreas to secrete insulin naturally.


Obesity is a major concern of life today. Fast foods, incorrect dietary habits, lack of exercise and other factors lead to obesity. Obesity can lead to ailments like high Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Rheumatism. Slim Trim is a powerful combination of herbal extracts which are very useful in weight management therapy. Slim Trim is a herbal food supplement.


Crusader is a unique combination of herbal extracts of great value. It restores vigour and vitality, increase libido, sexual strength, helps to cure stress - related Dysfunctioning and helps to maintain the Quality and quantity of semen at optimum levels.


It is the perfect solution for "The irritable bowel syndrome".

One or two capsules at bed time will ensure full flushing out of the intestines and the stomach, the next morning. It is the best answer to chronic constipation.

Constipation is the root cause of a number of diseases. Directly or indirectly, constipation leads to rheumatism, colitis, piles and damages the G.I. (gastro-intestinal) tract. Tummy Kleen helps reduce constipation by lubricating the intestines, and regulates bowel movement.


Up-Mood is a wonderful formulation of herbal extracts, which has been found useful in controlling nervousness, anxiety, restlessness and depression. It has high nutrient value and is a restorative. It is useful for persons of all ages, right from the teens upto sixty years of age and above.


Insomnia or sleep disturbances can be checked with "Sweet Dreams". It is an effective combination of herbal extracts which are very useful in insomnia. It induces the sleep naturally and without any side effect. It is a non-habit forming herbal food supplement.


(The Fountain of Eternal Youth)

It is a combination of potent herbal extracts, which are useful in gerratic conditions, and it acts as a herbal antioxidant to check the wear and tear of the various elements of the human body. It makes the person feel and keep young in the true sense. It is very useful in old age complications.

All items are produced from pure, natural, herbal extracts, conforming to international quality standards for the overseas- export markets ... Formulations which have stood the best of time for their purity, safety, efficacy, cultural acceptability and lesser side effects.

All items are produced from pure, natural, herbal extracts, confirming to international quality standards for the overseas-export markets.....Formulations which have stood the test of time for their purity, safety, efficacy, cultural accetability and lesser side effects,

Richest natural source of Vitamin C. Helps to improve digestion. It has diuretic, carminative and laxative properties.
It has cardio tonic activity. It improves blood circulation.
It is well know for rejuvenating properties, relives mental tension
Expectorant, very useful for cough and cold.
As a memory enhancer, nervine tonic, useful in epilepsy and insanity.
Metabolic regulator, useful in diabetes.
Helps to control the sugar level in the blood.
Relieves constipation, good for eye sight.
A Potent blood purifier, useful in skin diseases.
It is liver protective, cleanses toxin from the liver.
Aphrodisiac, tones the uro-genital system. (from mineral source)
Diuretic, tones kidney and urinary system.
Pure Honey
Builds up Body immunity, is a natural health tonic
A Unique health tonic, enhances strength and stamina

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