An effective remedy for Prostate Gland enlargement AVAILABLE IN 30NOS CAPSULES.

Description : PROSOTWIN is a very rare combination of various barks & roots of medicinal plants. This combination is derived from the manuscripts of ancient times. A formulation prepared from Nature s own resources PROSTOWIN.

Contains 10 herbal ingredients. Each ingredient contributing by itself and as a whole to this combination of harmless, purely herbal medicine.

Indication : An effective remedy for prostate gland enlargement & common disorders of the genitourinary tract.

Composition :
Each capsule/ tabsule is prepared out of.

Lajalu 0.05 gm Gokshura 0.05 gm
Kramukam 0.05 gm Aerandamulam 0.05 gm
Sathavari 0.05 gm Nala 0.05 gm
Kusa 0.05 gm Kassa 0.05 gm
Ekshumoolam 0.05 gm Yavaksharam 0.05 gm
Kandasari 0.25 gm  

Urinary Symptoms. Incomplete emptying, Frequency, Intermittency, Urgency, weak stream, Straining, Nocturia

Systemic Symptoms related to urinary tract :
Long standing outlet obstruction usually results in vesicoureteral reflux and dilation of the upper tracts with hydronephrosis. Upper abdominal discomfort and flank pain may occur during voiding continued vesicoureteral reflux and transmission of high pressure to renal failure, and symptoms of uremia may occur. Such symptoms include chronic fatigue, loss of appetite and somnolence.

Symptoms unrelated to urinary tract : A patient with BPH may also present with symptoms not directly related to the urinary tract. These include hernia hemorrhoids and other manifestations of increased abdominal pressure and straining during voiding patients with hernia and hemorrhoids, if in the appropriate age group, should be examined for presence of BPH. An extremely large prostate may also cause difficulty with a change in the caliber of bowel movements.

Direction of Use : One Tabsule / capsule twice daily after food with a glass of fully ripe coconut water or barley water, or as directed by the physician. Minimum recommended period for treatment.
Up to 50 years of age - 50 capsules / tablets, between 50-75 years of age -75 capsules / tablets, above 75 years of age - 100 capsules /tablets.

Important : The patients should drink a glass of fully ripe coconut water or barley water with each capsule/ tabsule.

Advantages : Completely safe and no side effect, No operation, Painless remedy, Immediate relief in 70 % Cases.

Short Comings : If PSA test positive not effective, if festering due to injury not effective if already operated - Not effective. If the patients is suffering from diabetes, heart disease and paralysis there is a chance of reoccurrence, in such cases the treatment must be continued, if the patient is cathedrised observe flow of urine for a day, if normal stop cathedrisation and continue medication.

Presentation : 30 nos. Tubules and 30no. Capsule in blister pack.

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