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SCARS,MARKS, HYPERPIGMENTATION on the skin as the Medical science has proved are the result of 1) Excess melanin production/ accumulation, and 2) Deterioration of connective tissues due to damage to the cellular components like collagen, elastin, cell membranes etc.

NOMARKS is a herbal Ayurvedic medicine which effectively diminishes and clears Scars & Marks by preventing deterioration of connective tissue and targeting excessive melanin production. It contains wheat germ oil which is a source of natural Vitamin E and acts as natural moisturizer as well as anti-oxidant to prevent 1) deterioration of cellular components like collagen, elastin from free radicals & 2) formation of excess melanin by auto-oxidised lipids as a result of free radicals.

NOMARKS also has extracts of chandan, turmeric, orange peel, neem, rasaut and tulsi, chandan, turmeric and orange peel as such are traditional whitening and soothing agents which improve skin colour and diminish blemishes/ hyperpigmentation on any part of the body. Besides these, the addition of Aloe brings about soothing effect on the skin and hydrates dry skin too. All these extracts work deep into the skin and provides it toning hydrating, whitening, antiseptic and antipruritic effects. It thus combines the super-effectiveness of a proven skin vitamin with skin toning & hydrating effect of traditional herbal extracts. Being herbal, it is highly safe and free from any possibilities of side effects.

For marks & scars, NOMARKS should be applied 2-3 times a day and massaged gently till fully absorbed. The extent and duration of usage will depend on the age of scar and its location on the skin.



Scars & Marks

15g Cream

Hyper pigmentation

20g Cream

Dark Circles Under The Eyes

25g Cream

Pregnancy or Obesity Stretch Marks

50ml Lotion

Burn Marks


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