Memory Tea

herbal memory tea


60% Bacopa Menneri and 40% camellia Synsesis. Blended in the right proportion to make the beverage palatable and the combination is proved to be most effective in the process of treatment.


(1) Smruthi-Prada proved to increase memory power and
(2) Buddhi-Meha increases Intelligence.

TREATMENT PLAN : One cup of tea taken in the morning and one cup at night proves to be of great help in the treatment of memory and intelligence.

PROPERTIES : This wonderful combination of tea gives great strength to be brain and memory power. Provides alertness to body and improves the sharpness of reflexes.

Helps to Improve the ability to think and capacity to organise the brain power. The active ingredient 'Brahmi Ghrutham' helps to improve memory power and increases intelligence.

ADVANTAGE : These tested herbs will have no side effects. Both men and women can take 'this as their trusted way of treating their memory power.

PREPARATION : Take one teaspoon (approx.2gm.) of Memory Tea boll it in hot water for 5 minutes. Filter the essence and drink it.

TASTE : For better taste of Memory Tea, a spoon of sugar could be added. The best way is to take it in hot water.

PACKING : Memory Tea is packed in attractive pet jars of l00gm & 200gm. It available in bulk packing also.

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