Maruthua Pancha


A complete health tonic for women.

Quite often women are subjected to ridicule, distress and inferiority complex due to thin and pale physique, flat breast, hollow cheek and lack of vigor. Maruthua Pancha Jeeraka Gudam proves to be the authentic remedy for such grievances assuring the users retrieval of their lost confident and charm.

Efficacy of Maruthua Pancha Jeeraka Gudam has been time tested and proven as it completes twenty five years in market. Developed through scientific research and strict quality control Pancha Jeeraka Gudam enables women to attain envy evoking body structure, charm and grace.

Maruthua Pancha Jeeraka Gudam is processed according to the traditional Ayurvedic regulations; it is 100% herbal which can be used without any sort of diets disregarding age, climate change or any other such variations.

It is particularly effective for women in pregnancy period and it helps women preparing for pregnancy. Pancha Jeeraka Gudam effectively cures gastric and vaginal ailments. It is a complete health tonic appropriate for pre-natal, post-natal periods. Quite effective in breast feeding mothers.

Usage: A table spoon full of Maruthua Panch Jeeraka Gudam after breakfast and dinner gives the full result .

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