‘Periods’ of discomforts

Because of numerous agonies they undergo while menstruation a considerable share of women all over the world approaches the days of menses with fear and anxiety. Menses related discomforts can be either physical such as severe pain and tenderness or psychic like mental stress and irritation. In order to survive the uneasiness of menstruation majority of them relay on pain killers and other harmful means or else they bear silently. This happens due to the lack of knowledge about proper solution; in fact they are unaware of scientific and authentic means which traditional Ayurveda suggests for the relief from menstrual worries.

‘Ashoka’ (Saracca Indica) - the Ayurvedic solution

Women face discomforts and uneasiness of menstrual symptoms such as abdominal distends; swinging in moods, excess vaginal bleeding, breast tenderness, abdominal cramps, headaches, and irritability. Menstrual cycle if not normal causes lots of physiological and psychological problems commonly referred as pre menstrual syndrome (PMS). Traditional Ayurveda suggests Ashoka (Saracca Indica) as the authentic solution for menstrual worries. The word Ashoka has its meaning in Sanskrit as ‘one that terminates sorrow’. Ashoka is the prime ingredient in Maruthua Mydays, where as it contains eighteen other herbal medicines textually suggested in Ayurvedic yogas to check several related discomforts like Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia, Leucorrhoea, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, Urinary infections, Anaemia and Oedema.

How Mydays works?

Mydays acts directly on uterine walls to help loosen uterine muscles to let the discharge be smooth, painless and effortless. Features of Ashoka in Mydays stimulate activities of ovarian tissues and endometrium and thus help to regularize menstrual cycle. During menstrual cycle hormone level suffers rise and fall that may cause several mental disturbances such as mood swing, stress and irritation. Medicinal herbal ingredients like Lodhra (Cymolocus Latina), Ashwagandha(Withania Somnifera), Shariba(Hemidesmus Indicus),Dashaveerya (Asparagus Racemoza) and Arjuna (Terminallia arjuna) contained in Mydays resists fluctuations in hormone level and it helps to recover hormonal balance. Mydays is 100% natural without any sort of side effect. It’s a natural health tonic for women to better reproductive ability and general health.

Maruthua – 27 years’ repute

Mydays is being manufactured and brought into market by Maruthua pharma. Since 1983 Maruthua Pharma’s flagship product, Maruthua Pancha Jeeraka Gudam has been serving confidence for women in Kerala , Middle East and European countries. The blending of traditional Ayurvedic Yogas in Mydays was done under the eminent supervision by Dr. Madhusoodhana Kaimal (B.A.M) who belongs to Chirakunnel, a mid Kerala family of traditional Ayurvedic physicians. And while formulating Mydays Dr. Madhusoodhana Kaimal certainly was guided by experience of Chirakunnel tradition.

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