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Most of us treat our hair the way we do our teeth – never really providing the necessary attention and care until such time that we begin to suffer from some discomfort. Realizing that you have begun losing hair then triggers off a frantic phase of clutching at all possible straws right from your grandmother’s hair care recipe to visiting a trichologist. In reality, hair quality largely depends on several factors of which, some such as heredity may be beyond your control but others such as lifestyle and diet are definitely in your hands.
 One important point to remember is that the quality of your hair is a direct outcome of the kind of nourishment you provide it. Since times immemorial, certain oils have been used by people because of their nourishing properties. Although growing back lost hair is a tall order, the judicious use of these oils can help you stem further hair loss and this, in itself, will give you hair that has volume and a healthy sheen and bounce.



A traditional and complete treatment for Hair care with zero side effects. It is blended with 13 traditionally proven hair care promoting herbs along with virgin organic coconut oil for complete management of day to day hair problems.

Hairolife oil contains:

Aloe barbedensis :  Promotes hair growth, Anti-puritive, reduces dandruff, Conditioning.
Vitisvinifera             :     Natural humactant,moisturizer,revitalizer.
Wrightiatinctoria   :     Anti-dandruff
Ecliptaalba               :    Hair Re-growth.
Phyllanthusemblica :Stimulates hair growth.
Tinosporacordifolia: Immune booster.
Prunusamygdalus  :Hair management.
Marrayakoengii  :( Curry leaf) Strengthens hair roots,premature graying.
Glycyrrhizaglabra  :Prevents hair loss
Azadirachtaindica:Hairfall,premature graying.
Bacopamonnieri :Enhances hair color,strengthens hair strands,prevents split ends.
Cocosnucifera:     Anti dandruff,moisturizer,conditioner.
Cinamomumcamphora : Promotes growth,strengthens hair roots.
 (Milk Cococnucifera) :Hair growth

How to use :

Use this oil gently on to you scalp for the first 8 days apply at night before sleep and wash gently with some herbal shampoo and after 8 days use before 30minuts of taking head bath. Now you will get full benefit without any side effect at all.


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