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Hairomax hair fortifying capsules and Hairomax hair fortifying oil are hair-friendly ayurvedic preparations that can be used by men and women of all age groups. When used together, they symbiotically produce the best results.

The cause of androgenic hair loss is, as its name implies, hormone related. It stems from a genetic predisposition of a by-product of the male hormone testosterone (yes, women have testosterone in their bodies, too), called DiHydro Testosterone (DHT) to reside in the scalp.
All hair follicles grow through a growth-dormant-regrowth cycle. When DHT is present in the scalp at high levels, the hair follicles tend to increase their time of dormancy and decrease the time for growth. In actuality, the follicle atrophies due to the excess DHT. Each follicle produces hair for shorter periods and “rests” for longer periods, until it finally goes into permanent dormancy and ceases to produce hair.

Niharika Singh
Miss India & Miss Beautiful Hair

Your hair needs nurturing from inside and outside. If your diet is deficient in hair friendly foods, all the expensive shampoos and external hair treatment in the world will not be effective in maintaining the color and longevity of your hair.

Hairomax oil symbiotically supports the actions of Hairomax capsules by maintaining a healthy scalp and also ensuring external problems like fungus and dandruff are eradicated. Thus giving double protection for your hair.

Hairomax capsules, an ‘ancient manuscript’ ayurvedic formulation handed down through generations by the great masters, which was lost in the river of centuries was re-discovered by the inverter of the world famous product KAMILARI, Vaidhya Vachespathi Sri. N.K.Padmanabhan Vaidhyur. Hairomax provides all the necessary nutrients to reestablish hormonal balance and hence is an effective DHT blocker; it locks on to the hair follicles affecting the hair growth’s cycle. As DHT continues to wreak havoc, hair will become thinner and eventually bald spots will develop., Hairomax capsules helps to stop this process to a certain extend in the beginning, removing the harmful substance from the hair before it has a chance to cause damage.
Hairomax oil symbiotically supports the actions of Hairomax capsules by maintaining a healthy scalp and ensuring external problems like fungus and dandruff are eradicated once and for all.


Directions for use 
Hairomax capsules   2 capsules twice daily after food.
Minimum recommended period of treatment to get noticeable results : 90 Days.
Those who have thick hair can use only hairomax fortifying oil for external problems like dandruff, fungus etc. 

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