Elachi Tea

The Elaichi Tea is a blend of our finely graded teas with freshly ground cardamom to alleviate your senses. The heavenly full bodied taste is best relished after a heavy meal as it aids in digestion and leaves your taste buds with the sweet fragrant taste.

Our Cardamom Tea has a thick and golden brown hue with an aromatic sweet taste with no trace of bitterness. The enchanting taste with its medicinal value make it a complete drink.

Packing Options

We can supply the teas either in bulk or in packs of the following denominations in attractive packs. The same can be supplied in Tea bags(Dip tea).We undertake private labeling and provide customized packing services.
  • 100 grams

  • 250 grams

  • 500 grams

  • 1 kg

  • Also available in fancy canister (100 grams)

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