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(An effective remedy for diabetes)

Lack of proper physical exercise is the main reason for the occurrence of diabetes. Diabetes is an ailment, which will adversely affect the proper functioning of the body, and thereby the possibility of rheumatic complaints in diabetic patients cannot be ruled out.

Diabetes patients should begin treatment in the initial stage of the disease, otherwise the disease may get acute and boils and ulcers may be resulted. Excessive thirst, hunger, frequent urination, loss of eyesight, body pain, spasm in the limbs, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, paleness, panting for breath, delay in healing of wounds etc. are some of the early symptoms of diabetes. In the initial stage itself, test the blood and the urine and see whether the sugar contents have abnormally gone up.

Stimulates the normal functioning of pancreas and more insulin is produced. It also checks cholesterol.

In the early stage of the diabetes, it is necessary to restrict the diet. Some of the items which can be included in the diet of diabetes patients:- Wheat, Maize, Bajara (Millet Ginea Corn.) Horse-Gram, Cherupayaru (Kidney Beens), Thurdhal (the older the better) etc, Vegetables, especially Cabbage, Bittergourd, Cheera (Pot Herb) Vazhappindi (Stem of Plantain), Partially ripe fruits etc. and fish.

The items which should avoided in the diet of a diabetes patients:- Sugar, Sweets, Curd, Butter, Food with more fatty contents, Jaggery, Fried items, all kinds of roots etc.

DIALEX : Can be taken 5 to 10 gms, twice daily (one or two teaspoons) before food, mixing the powder in hot water. It may be consumed along with good honey. There is no objection to take Dialex, even if you are taking any other pills or insulin injection for diabetes, Dialex may be taken by all, irrespective of age.

If you are using insulin, you may use it for two weeks along with dialex, at the same dose and afterwards reduce the intake of insulin to half and with in two months, steps by step stop completely: and then use dialex only. It is safe to test urine and blood once in two weeks and seek the advice of a doctor.

Except on Special occasions, use of coffee, tea etc with sugar may be abandoned. For thirst: drink boiled water, boiled with any of the following items: Karngali (Acasia catechu), Padinukam (Prunus padam roxb), Njerinjil (Tribulus terrestris lin), Rama chan (Vettiveria zizariodes) and Jeerakam (cumminum Cyminum).

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