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Following the traditional path, "Ratnavilas " stands first in lunching new production strictly maintaining its quality Discovering the hidden medicinal values of Ayurvedic plants, Ratnavilas Ayurvedic Pharmacy is proud of bringing forth a new product namely "Chuvanlli Lehyam" into the market the first of its kind in India, imitaing None.

Onion is treated world wide as a medicinal plant as well as it was a place in the recipe of diet. From times back the medicinal value of Onion is compared to that of Tinospora Cordifolia (Amruthu)

Chuvannulli Lehyam is un-avoidable factor as for as the delivery is concerned. It relieves menstrual back pain and menstrual disorder. This tonic can also be taken for anemia and general weakness patients.

It is an excellent remedy for bleeding piles, Cough and belching gas. It enhances seminal ejaculation and adds strength, vigour and stamina in men. Beside that it reduces scabies, itches, scores etc. And all sorts of skin diseases seen in children

As per Ayurvedic terms,Ratnavilas has lunched Chuvannulli Lehyam with a perfect blend of Onion, Almond, Gingelly, Ghee, Thippalli, Elavargam, Cardamom, Dry grapes, Shathavari along with various other Ayurvedic Medicines. This is one of the outstanding Products' of Ratnavilas Ayurvedic Pharmacy by the name of ONION +. This medicine is exported abroad as a food supplement.

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