BP Tea

Combination : Essential components of BP Tea are the following herbs, Rowalifia Serpentina and Camellia Sinases. These carefully blended combinations are an approved drug in maintaining the blood pressure.

Use : To control the BP in the system please check your pressure level before use. The active ingredient called 'reserpine' is a proven drug for the control of blood pressure. Best way is to take reserpine in the natural advice.

Duration : The BP Tea should be used for atleast one month and it should be continued according to the need. It is always better to take it under medical advice.
bp tea

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Direction : One cup in the morning and one cup in the night before food is the recommended dosage. According to the level of the pressure it could be reduced to one time daily.

Regular : This could be consumed as your regular tea. A little sugar could be added for taste.

Test : This tested could be used as per the requirement. After checking the BP level the dosage could be altered.

Packing : BP Tea is available in 100 gm & 200gm. Pet jars. It is available in bulk packing also.

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