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BILEX 8gm powder

Available single dose medicine for Jaundice

Single dose medicine 8 grm powder, A proven effective medicine for jaundice to be taken in single dose @ 'BILEX' is a wonderful specific prepared by the combination of several rare ayurvedic ingredients of inestimable medical value and is intended to cure the deadly disease of 'jaundice' which is widely prevalent throughout the length and breadth of the country.

A dose of 'BILEX' is sufficient to cure the disease in initial stages but another dose may be necessary to afford complete relief in chronic and severe cases. Once opened the contents of a bottle should be used not later than three weeks since its efficacy may wane after that date,'

@'BILEX' is not harmful in any way, It has no reaction, it will not do any harm even if it is taken by persons who are not suffering from jaundice. It can be administered to the patient without any elaborate restriction. It cures the slightest attack of jaundice. That is its peculiar characteristic

@SYMPTOMS. pain and fatigue of the hands and legs, exhaustion, lack of appetite, nausea, slight headache, stomach pain and temperature in some patients yellow coloured urination, yellow colour in the eyes are some of the symptoms of jaundice. When the attack becomes severe and reaches its climax, the palm and the nails of the patient will become yellow. yellow colour may extend to the body also. Some Symptoms enumerated here may generally be found in the patients but all symptoms need not neessarily be seen in one patient. If these symptoms are present, It may be concluded that jaundice has attacked the patient.

@DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Dissolve and mix 8 grams of 'BILEX' in honey and the patient should take this paste in empty stomach the first thing on rising up early morining. It is a compulsory necessity to take this medicine in empty stomach before cosuming tea or any type of food. Honey should be added slightly only just to moisten the powder 'BILEX'. Those who take the madicine in this way may take ripe plantains also with the remedy. Those who so desire may substitute plantatins for honey. Plantains can be cut into small pieces which can be used to touch and pick up the powder of 'BILEX' and then eaten.

These instructions are to simiplify the proceses of recovery

@ On the first day of the treatment with 'BILEX'
bananas or four plantains may be taken, according to the thirst and hunger of the patient. Boiled rice in dried form without water and salt may be moderately consumed. Those who necessarily want Coffee may drink two or four ounces after 7 in the evening. If absolutely necessary this can be taken two hours before. But it will be more beneficial if it is not consumed earlier than 7 PM. The patients who wish to eat more fruits may take one banana or two plantains in moderate quantity.

@ 2nd day of the treatment with 'BILEX'

From the morning onwards the patients can begin to eat according to his habit gruel[Kanji], coffee, rice, dosai, idli, chapathi, fruit varieties etc. From the second to seventh day, it is desirable for the patient to refrain from eating fish, meat, ghee, animal fat etc; so as to derive the full effect of the remedy.

@ Those who suffer from fever should not take bath in any circumstances

If there is no temperature on the second day those patients who have the facilities may take bath in tanks by full immersion of their bodies. Others may take their bath pouring plenty of water on their head. On the following day the patients who are in the habit of taking oil bath may use oil to which they are accustomed and take their bath. It will be beneficial to take oil bath for four or five day continuously. Those who are particular to take their baths in hot water should specially note to use only slightly hot water.

@ From the second day after taking medicine

Urination might be more yellowish color. From that day onwards cow's milk diluted in water and boiled with barley should be drunk several times at the rate of one glass each time. For five or six days or week, when this process is continued the yellow colour of the urine will gradually diminish leading to complete disappearance as the patient progresses to recovery. It is very rare that a patient who has been cured of his jaundice once with 'BILEX' is attacked with the same disease a second time.

@ BILEX as a preventive

When there is an epidemic of jaundice in a place the inhabitants there may take 'BILEX' according to directions and restrictions described elsewhere and observing them only for one day as a preventive medicine to guard against an attack of jaundice. After taking 'BILEX' as a preventive remedy, the urine of even a healthy man may be yellow the following day and this should not cause any alarm to him. This will gradually disappear and the preventive treatment will give him protection against jaundice.

Dosage 8 gm bottle paking 'Bilex'

For all persons above 12 years. 8 grams
For those from 6 to 12 years, 3/4 th part 6 grams
For those from 3 to 6 years, 1/2 part 4 grams
For those from 2 to 3 years, 1/4 part 2 grams
For infants living on breast milk
below 2 years, 3/4 part

1/2 gram may be given according
to age mixed is breast milk

@ No harm will be done even if the dosage is increased or decreased slightly

SUPER BARLEY RICE AND POWDER : Super barley is best for barley water gruels cunjees and soup, this water is very useful in any type of urine complaints specially for Jaundice. Barley water made from super barley is ideal beverage in warm weather and is especially beneficial and very good for nursing mothers. While preparing barley water the rice after boiling has to be stained and remove away in case it you are adding barley powder straining is not required.

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