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Bana Rich is a unique nourishing food for infants and grownups. Besides breast feeding infants need a protein rich solid food for their healthy growth Bana Rich can be started from the age of 4 months. This product is specially made from the particular long Bananas (Plantain Banana, Nendrakkai) which are know to be highly nutritious and vitamin rich. It is easily digestive, infants gain weight and strength on regular feeding.

It is an ideal food for grownup people, during stomach disorders (loose motion diarrhea ect.).

Composition . Per . 100 gms.

Moisture % w/w
Total Ash % w/w 1.91
Ash insoluable in dil HCL % -w/w NIL
Protein (Nx6.25) % w/w 2.04
Fat % W/W 0.9
Crude fibre % w/w 1.07
Carbohydrate by difference % 91.22
Calorific Value (K.Calories / 100g) 373.85

No preservatives, food colours or flavours are used in Bana Rich . It is recommended as a protein rich base for a variety of preparations like halwa pudding, ice cream, milk, beverage etc.

How to prepare : Mix one table spoon full a Bana Rich to one cup of milk stir well and boil the mixture for two minutes. It turns smooth and creamy. Add little sugar for taste

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