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, Proprietor of Ayurvedic herbal medicines, winner of the BID World Quality Commitment Award in Paris

The World Quality Commitment Award is considered as an "Oscar" or "Nobel" in the business world. It represents a path to be followed by managers who make their companies sustainable by modernising and paying attention to market tendencies. The World Quality Commitment Award serves as a symbol of quality to the new generation of consumers, more economically stable and better prepared, and that has a new appreciation for brand leadership. The B.I.D. award, ecognised the work of Cochin Ayurvedic Center, providing deserved recognition for many years of work towards quality and innovation. This award, as explained in B.I.D. president Joes E. Prieto,s speech, represents leadership, prestige and commitment to quality Experts Consider the World Quality Commitment trophy as one of the most beautiful among all quality awards. at the awards ceremony, members of the diplomatic corps were delegated from the embassies of the countries represented at the convention. They joined the presidents of the companies awarded with the World Quality Commitment Award, to celebrate business excellence in their countries.


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