Asthma Tea

Combination : Asthma Tea is a combination of carefully selected herbs-Adhatoda Vasica and camellia Synesls. The medicinal properties of Adhatoda Casica is very well known all over the world throughout therapeutic property generations for Its therapy as .ecpectorant, diuretic, antlspasmodic and bronchodilation. Camellia synesis is added to make the drink more palatable and activise the treatment.

Gymnema Syvestra : Gymnema Sylvestra, a herb whose use originated in India, appears to have some very important and interesting effects on diabetes. Common name : Gurmar (which means “Sugar Destroyer” ). Main constituent is gymencic acid (a complex mixture of at least nine closely related acidic glycosides).
asthama tea

Steviacide : In order to make the coffee more palatable Natural Herbal Sweetener called ‘Stevia' is added. No need to add sugar. Stevia, the natural herb is non-caloric sweetener. They do not adversely affect blood glucose levels and may be used freely by both diabetics & hypoglycemics.

Uses : Asthma Tea as a drug shows definite expectorant action. In acute bronchitis they were found always to afford relief especially where the sputum was thick and tenacious, acting in very much same way as ipecacuenha. In chronic bronchitis the cough is relieved and sputum is liquified so that it is brought out more easily. The depression of the vaginal terminations further relieves irritation and spasm of the bronchioles. It is more useful as an excellent cough mixture, useful in asthma and phtisis.

Contenets : The active Ingredients' Vaseiine' and Adhatodi Add' are persistent bronchodialators.

Preparation : Take one teaspoonful of Asthma Tea. Boll it in hot water for 5 minutes. Strain the decoction and drink it. It is advisable to take it in an empty stomach.

Direction : Asthma Tea should be taken two times a day, morning and evening. In acute cases dally three times also advised. One dose is one up approx, 20ml.

Advantage : Asthma Tea is available in attractive l00gm and 200gm. Pet Jars. It is available in bulk also.

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