arogya health powder

An ideal balanced Natural Nutritious Food MixArogya Health Mix

Take approximately three - tablespoons (30 grms) full Health Mix in glass. Add a little boiled hot milk to make it a paste, and add more quantity of boiled milk (approx.300ml) to the paste, Stir well, add sugar or salt to taste and serve.

Arogya Health Mix is an ideal nutritious food for children, pregnant women and all age groups. Regular use of Arogya Health Mix improves the body resistance. Ingredients : Jower, Maize, Miet, Ragi, Rice, Sago, Samba, Wheat, Soya Bean, Barley, Green Gram, Badam, Cardamom, Cashew nut etc.(all fried)

A natural health mix for all age groups, Regular use improves health and immunity.

Contains :

Protein, Fiber, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Potassium, Carbohydrates, Sodium and Phosphorus (all in one Pack)

  • A well balanced diet for six months infants to grown ups.
  • One tablespoon health mix contains 72 calorie.
  • Very good food to maintain health of diabetics.
  • An ideal well balanced natural nutritious food.
  • All ingredients are fried.


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