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Bastian Suresh with
Hon.Ex.President of India Mr.K.R.Narayan


Cochin Ayurvedic is a world renowned producer, supplier & exporter of ayurveda based medicines and related medicinal and herbal preparations. We specialize in adapting the traditional science of ayurveda to formulating and developing medicines to combat the medical challenges of the modern world.


Cochin Ayurvedic centre- a premier holistic centre for traditional Ayurvedic medicines from south India and specialized treatments like panchkarma Ayurveda, the science of happy and healthy living, helps you rediscover your own unique state of positive health, helping you meet life's challenges with renewed vitality. Cochin Ayurveda provides you the ultimate personalized health rejuvenation experience. Our unique programme of Ayurvedic treatments and lifestyle enhancement sessions guide you to experience true health of mind, body and spirit. At our dedicated residential centre we use our own herbal products and oils, produced in traditional pharmacies and according to original methods of harvesting and processing to ensure both quality and potency. Enrich your life today with Ayurveda and visit our section to find out how you can benefit from our personalized Ayurvedic retreats.
We are a professionally managed organization engaged in production and marketing of quality ayurvedic medicines, herbal medicines and natural herbal food supplements.
We provide quality ayurvedic consultation through panel of ayurvedic doctors. We evaluate and study the efficacy of each ayurvedic preparation that we promote to our prestigious customers.

We provide a wide range of Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of ailments such as the common cold to exploratory treatments for the dreaded HIV virus. We seek to explore & harness the tremendous potential of ayurveda to cure moder-age diseases. Our mission goes beyond the mere provision of medicines to heal the sick, and extends to helping people live long and productive lives.

Awarded the world quality commitment international star award Paris 2006
The World Quality Commitment Award is considered as an "Oscar" or "Nobel" in the business world. It represents a path to be followed by managers who make their companies sustainable by modernizing and paying attention to market tendencies. The World Quality Commitment Award serves as a symbol of quality to the new generation of consumers, more economically stable and better prepared, and that has a new appreciation for brand leadership. The B.I.D. award recognized the work of Cochin Ayurvedic Center, providing deserved recognition for many years of work towards quality and innovation. This award, as explained in B.I.D.President Joes E. Prieto, s speech, represents leadership, prestige and commitment to quality Experts Consider the World Quality Commitment trophy as one of the most beautiful among all quality awards. at the awards ceremony, members of the diplomatic corps were delegated from the embassies of the countries represented at the convention. They joined the presidents of the companies awarded with the World Quality Commitment Award, to celebrate business excellence in their countries.

Proven Expertise

We have qualified Ayurvedic Doctors to examine patients, diagnose the type of physical or mental ailments and to prescribe appropriate Ayurvedic medicines. In short, we are a single source remedy in the heart of the city of Delhi for every ailment in the natural way.

Sourcing Excellence

To sustain and enhance our standards of excellence in the health care industry, we have ties up with some of the most respected Ayurvedic Pharmacies in Kerala. Their traditional knowledge and experience has served to enhance the quality of the products & services we offer to our customers. Reliable & trustworthy, these Ayurvedic products represent the impeccable blend of traditional knowledge and modern production practices.


At Cochin Ayurvedic, our success is a result of the intensive efforts we make to offer products of better quality. Innovation therefore is integral to our business philosophy. By ensuring a sustained and consistent level of improvement in the quality of products and services offered, we seek to benchmark higher standards of excellence in the industry.


Quality Cochin Ayurvedic is not limited to the gamut of products we offer. It exists in every aspect of our operations. Quality for us is a tool that helps ensure the satisfaction and wellness of our customers. Every Ayurvedic product we provide is evaluated on a range of parameters related to the ingredients & ratio of constituents and also their effect on the human body. They are also evaluated for compliance with all relevant national & international standards. Our qualified team of Ayurvedic doctors examine, evaluate & study the efficacy of each of our Ayurvedic preparations that are mfg by us.


At Cochin Ayurvedic, we have all the modern facilities and infrastructural requirements for the smooth and efficient management of our operations. We have adequate warehousing capabilities for stocking our medicines and herbal preparations. Cutting edge facilities and trained manpower ensure that we can handle all the requirements of our customers in a capable manner.

PHONE : 011- 41592262. FACSIMILE: 91-11-24645295.
TELEX : 031-65053.

IEC CODE NO. : 0599011106. VAT TIN NO. 07860213496
DRUG LICENSE NO. : 15 (741) 20B 21B



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