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An Ayurvedic Patent Health Tonic

INDICATION : Effective for appetite, strengthening digestion, eradicating worms, reducing ulceritis, purifying blood, enhances memory and mental powder, Increases defence mechanism, Gives relief from hiccup, vomiting stomach pain, gas troubles, paleness and general debility.


Each 100 ML. is prepared out of:

Jagari 0.067gms

Mysristica Fragrans Hautt0.067 Gms

Myristica Fragrans Hautt 0.833 mg.

Honey 0.833 mg

Pipper root 0.833mg.

Elettaria Cardamom (L) maton 0.833 mg,

Mesua Ferrea 0.833mg

Ixora Coccinea Linn 0.833 mg

Itticium Verum 0.833 mg

Woodforida Fruticosa Kurz 0.833 mg

Cinnamin Leaves 0.833 mg

Syzgium Aromaticum 0.667 mg

Woodfordia Fruticosa Kurz 0.667 mg

Acacia Fenesana 0.333 mg

Myristica Fragrans Hault 0.167 mg.

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