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Cogend Active

Cogend Active Forte - 30 Tablets

Quick Overview

Cogend Active Forte contains the unique combination of standardized herbal ingredients which are effective in controlling diabetes. It helps to control the blood sugar level. It helps to control the blood sugar level. It helps in controlling increased thirst and urination. It helps to check sugar in urine. It helps to check diabetes related complications. Cogend Active Forte contains the unique herbal ingredients which are effective against diabetes both Type-1 and Type-2 effectively. Cogend Active Forte is a total botanical formulation with no metal toxicity. It has been evaluated both internationally and in all leading hospitals of India.

The tested formulation for complete management of Diabetes Mellitus. It is not just hypoglycemic but checks complications like retinopathy , vasculopathy, neuropathy and nephropathy. Cogend Active Forte is useful for controlling mild to moderate diabetes, periphery utilization of glucose controlling the blood sugar, increases sense of wellbeing.

Product Description

Cogend Active Forte helps to maintain blood glucose at optimum levels. It helps to check other diabetes related complications like increased urination, excessive thirst, kidney dysfunction, excessive sugar in the urine and vision defects etc. It helps to stimulate the pancreas to secrete insulin naturally.
Diabetes is a metabolic transfer. In this disease the pancreas stops making the insulin in the body. With the result of that the glucose level in the blood increases, which has degenerative effect on the body. The symptoms include increased urination, excessive thirst, kidney dysfunction, glucose in urine, vision defects etc. It repairs the damaged beta cell in pancreas to re activate and secrete insulin after a certain period of treatment, the only drug in the world which can perform such miraculous action.

Recommended Dosage

Cogend Active forte tablets has to be taken 30 minutes before food twice or as directed by a physician.

The most important thing to remember is that diabetes is not infectious and cannot be 'picked up' from anyone. Heredity plays a part in furthering diabetes.
Can Cogend Active Forte- to be taken with other allopathic anti-diabetics?

Yes, It doesn't have any direct or indirect reaction with any allopathic medicine, as it acts at the root cause level of the disease. Cogend Active Forte is totally herbal safe and do not have any side effect at all.

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