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The B.I.D. World Quality Commitment Award certifies the good health of a company and recognizes improvements in quality aspects; the company commits itself before its clients and employees



The hydrogen is generated from pulverized clean coal reacting with steam in the presence of the catalyst. Cost of production of the Hydrogen is 20 times cheaper compared to the least expensive conventional method of hydrogen production. Ammonia is 4 times cheaper, Methane and derivatives is 8-11 times cheaper.

The special consideration is given to Poland, where there exists an abundant amount of coal in the Silesia mining region and great demand for ammonia fertilizer plants. A smaller plant should be built first to help the scalability of the Hydro Max process and to serve later as an optimizer for various type of feedback.

The Hydro Max Reactor is a container filled with liquid metal working as a catalyst. The hydrogen is generated from pulverized clean coal reacting with steam in the presence of the catalyst. Cost of production of the hydrogen is 20 times cheaper then the least expensive existing, conventional method of hydrogen production. 2.UNCOMCOAL In initial stages of development of the New Culture of World Energy, the feedstock will be pulverized coal and steam, which will be substituted in further stages by carbon oxide (CO) generated from the underground combustion of coal under stochiometric conditions and reacting with steam in a catalytic reactor.

3. HYDROGENET For the future development, hydrogen pipeline networks will be extended to the few hundreds of kilometers. The potential capacity of one horizontal drilling rig to extend pipelines is approximately 1.0 km per10 hrs shift, 2.0 km per day.


4. Q-HYDROGEN The highest quality and low cost (QH) hydrogen is primarily required as a basic fuel for Fuel Cells to produce electrical power and water.

5. SF-HYDROGEN designates SECURITY & FLEXIBILITY systems, being comprised of protection of ANTI: terrorist energy supply system, theft & vandalism-disruption of supply-pollution protection-seismic activity -bad climatic conditions-catastrophe of storages (no big storages). All as Environment Friendly Syst.


 1. Hydrogen: $0.76 per 1.0 mln kcal compared to the current cost of $15 per 1.0 mln kcal for hydrogen produced from natural gas (methane). This means that our hydrogen is (20 times cheaper) than conventional methods.

2. Methane: $2.28 per 1.0 mln kcal, compared to the current cost of $25.21 per1.0 mln kcal (11 times cheaper).

3. Ammonia: $59.00 per ton, compared to the current cost of $238.00 per ton (4 times cheaper), which will create an entirely new paradigm in the economics of fertilization and will revolutionize and revitalize the agrarian economy).

4. Similar or even superior economical effects are accomplished over the entire spectrum of hydrogen derivative products. Another star of the Convention was R. Natarajan, General Manager of the Automotive Division of Tata Elxsi (India) Ltd was awarded with the World Quality Commitment in the Gold category, which has registered spectacular growth taken over under the administrative control of TATA, India’s best known industrial house. The Owner and General Manager of Aluminat Company from Iran was awarded the World Quality Commitment Award in the Gold category, for the excellent results achieved by his company. Another outstanding attendee, Rimma Tskhay, Director of Membrana Technologies C.A. Ltd, from Kazakhstan said: ‘B.I.D. has awarded us for the third time in the Diamond Category, firmly positioning our company's name". Mr. Haitham H. Murad, General Manager of Golden Tuilp Al Jazira Hotel & Resort, from the United Arab Emirates, was awarded the World Quality Commitment presented to him by the president of B.I.D. who said, “This company represents the force of the ideas of its leaders, whose permanent youth is transmitted to their teams, good projects, generating work and wealth. My congratulations to them all”.

One of the most paramount moments of the day was fulfilled by Ayurvedic herbal medicines, which was proclaimed winner of the World Quality Commitment, accepted the commitment to quality inherent to the Award. At the end of the award ceremony, a photo was taken with Jose E. Prieto, president of B.I.D. along with a group of winners who also attended the Gala Dinner. Family and friends of the winners enjoyed the moment when shared the stage, posing for cameras and journalists. From India, World Quality Commitment Award has been declared a winner, and stands to inspire the future of Ayurvedic herbal medicines


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