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Innovation in methods of hydrogen production make cost 20 times lower



Seven Rocks Mining in partnership with ALCHEMIX CORPORATION is commercializing HydroMax UnComCoal, a technology that produces hydrogen and syngas at a fraction of the costs of current methods. The primary inputs are steam and a carbon source such as petroleum coke, coal, municipal waste, biomasses or shred tires. The most prevalent, safest and stable source for energy is represented by the enormous worldwide reserves of conventional COAL, which can be effectively exploited to produce low-cost energy for coal-rich nations for many years to come.It is now evident that in comparison with many other contemporary technologies, our Five ackages of technologies which were proven in practice, represent to the World the Economically realistic solution for hydrogen production on a sufficiently large industrial scale that will agmatically serve to supply current and future large-scale industrial and commercial requirements.

The package of technologies are referred to as follows:


1. Hydromax,
2. Uncomcoal
3. Q-hydrogen
4. hydrogenet
5. Sf-hydrogen

HYDROMAX Hydrogen Production: The Finalist of the 5th Annual Platts Global Energy Award. The proposed first stage of the industrial project will be build in Poland as a smaller scale HydroMax plant that will produce about 21 million standard cubic meters per day)of hydrogen, then followed by a large scale commercial plant to produce 100 MMscfd (2,777,000 cubic meters per day).The HydroMAX Hephaestus-Reactor is a container filled with liquid metal alloy, working as a catalyst.

International Business Awarded in Paris


BID Gala Dinner, and was followed on stage by Ginette Tremblay, President and General Manager o Editions L, Artichaut Inc. From Canada a leading company in its sector which received an award in the Gold category A group o reporters interviewed these business people as well, which raised a vast interest among the participants.

, Proprietor of , from India shared the history of the company and low its services made it one of the best in the world. The World Quality Commitment will accompany these services focused on excellence and quality. The sponsorship and news coverage of this event belonged to the publishing group, ImarPress. Its 17 publications around the world in more than 100 countries report on the importance o this International Convention in terms of quality, technology and innovation. Jose E. Prieto, President of B.I.D., had an opportunity to meet many of the business people, who in previous years, gathered in Geneva, Frankfurt, London and New York. Many of them were awarded the World Quality Commitment in the Platinum and Diamond categories. Their companies attest to the effect of a long-term application of the models of quality, which contributes to a considerable increase of the prestige of their companies. These managers, directors or company owners, rely on investing in quality, staff preparation, listening to their clients’ suggestions about how to improve their products and services or offering alternatives which would bring about long-term business success. was awarded in Paris for the strong commitment of its staff to work with effective models of quality. TV cameras and graphic reporters recoded the most spectacular moments o this International Congress. Jose E. Prieto, president of B.I.D. was interviewed on TV during the Gala Dinner, which once again displayed the great interest raised by this event, which awards the good business practice, good business results and market position.

During the two days of the convention interviews and messages from the participants were filmed and produced in a DVD format, to be broadcast on different types of mass media. After many years of hard work and dedication to the company, it is rewarding to realize how hard working managers harvest recognition based on dedication, service for the future. It was a night of glory and success! Emotion was shown in the eyes of those people whose merits led towards a clear goal, and whose investments brought profit in return. Their reward: business growth and expanding markets. The World Quality Commitment Award certifies the vibrant strength of the company, formed by men and women whose fresh ideas in their every day work transmit the essence of continuity for generations to come.            


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