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B.I.D. Awardees celebrate triumph in quality and excellence, gathering together in the Palais de Congres of Paris at Europe's center for business and tourism.

The B.I.D. Evaluation Committee is formed by business leaders from different sectors, acting as the final jury and who evaluate the proposals of nominees received from the first general round of votes.
Presently, this year there are three new special prize designees: Origin8 Saatchi & Saatchi from Ghana for the advertising results in its campaigns, Universidad del Este, from Puerto Rico, for innovative project in the widely education sector, a three time winner in the Diamond category and Aero Mongolia Ltd for the implementation in an aircraft fleet of the latest generation. Paris put on its finest for the gala event to award the World Quality Commitment Award considered one of the most prestigious awards in the sector of technology.


It shares the honour with other conventions on quality celebrated by B.I.D. in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt and Madrid.

For , Proprietor of Ayurvedic herbal medicines, 2006 is a year of prizes and recognition, with the World Quality Commitment Award bringing deserved recognition. This increases the prestige from previous years when famous business people such as Mr. Sergey Dubinin, Deputy Chairman of RAO United Energy System of Russia, Mr. Cohen, President of Laboratorio Nacional dela Construccion from Mexico, Mr. Winston Tan, President of Eden on the Park Australia in the hospitality sector and Turner Construction International LLC received the award. Turner Construction is constructing what will be the tallest building in the world. The goal for completion is aimed at the year 2008.

B.I.D. centres its attention on the sectors of energy, construction and telecommunications, especially on those companies, which invest a great deal of money in buying technology, thus anticipating the demand in the developing economies. During the convention, Yuznhie Mezhsistemnie Elektritheskie Seti, of the RAO group from Russia, one of the largest energy groups in the world, which supplies more than fifty percent of the energy in its country. Its General Director, Liubov Ostroukhova, as General Director of one of the companies having an elevated investment in technology, proposed that Mr. Jose Prieto, B.I.D. President, collaborate with a presentation on quality as a sign of gratitude and approximation between the two organisations. Cochin Ayurvedic Center was awarded the World Quality Commitment Award, which has an international repercussion made visible in over 70 countries. From India, Bastain Suresh, as Proprietor, has received public admiration for successfully leading important efforts for the betterment ofAyurvedic herbal medicines. The Quality awards given by B.I.D every year are the most influential in the international world of business. These awards are surpassed only by three other geographical areas such as the Baldrige in the U.S., the Deming in Japan and the FEQM IN Europe. Since 1986 all prizes were administered and managed by B.I.D., which uses the criteria of the Model Total Quality Management QC100 for selection of companies for this prestigious award. The International Awards for Quality founded by B.I.D. have influenced the business world due to its enormous advertising impact and by setting up campaigns, which encourage companies in their goals and stabilize their client base. B.I.D. as an organization has a limited power, but its intention is to influence by spreading quality culture through its Model for Total Quality Management: QC100. B.I.D. is very aware that the company itself imposes 0quality in the work place. That does not mean that once a company receives the quality award from B.I.D. the company has no further need to work towards the improvement of the quality. B.I.D. functions as an institution, which receives all those professionals who care for quality and promote in their environment the discipline of the commitment and responsibility. This year the nominations reflect the real dynamism of a vibrating business world formed, in many cases, by engineers, economists, inventors and professionals who have same goal, i.e. looking in the direction of the tendencies of marketing. New companies emerge through the creativity of their leaders, very attentive to the new demands of the consumers. The voice of those awarded by B.I.D. in Paris expresses the company focus on the development of


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