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Companies, in ever greater number, join the initiative of the QC100 Total Quality Management Model. This model is based on 100 principles of quality for the areas of customer service, internal and external communication of the company, benchmarketing, information and analysis, human resources, decision making, systems and processes, business results, leadership and the purchaser  as a partner. All sectors of important industries, from half of the countries in the world, were present; such as aviation, the mining industry, tourism, the chemical industry, the financial sector, mass media, trade and metallurgy.

Ayurvedic herbal medicines is now part of the history of the B.I.D.awards and an example of international good business practices. The award is granted in three different categories, Gold, Platinum and Diamond, and for 14 activities. The winners are chosen by means of a preliminary voting of more than 900 business leaders from 89 countries according to their merit and the information obtained. The jury of the International Award for Quality is formed by 42 experienced business professionals, specialised in the areas of quality, excellence and client service. The jury is headed by jose E. Prieto, C.E.O. of B.I.D. and President of the Wrold Quality Commitment. Also a part of this jury is Dr. Alfonso Casal, Physicist, mathematician and lecturer at University of Madrid as well as Vice-President of WQC, Dr. Antonio Martinez, Dr. Friedrich Neussner and Dr. Enrique Llorente, who are co-creators of QC100.



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