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kamilari plus for aids


Description : Kamilari Plus is a very rare combination of various herbal ingredients which are verocidal and immuno stimulant. This combination is derived from the manuscript of ancient times and the medicine is completely safe and absolutely free from side effect.

Action : Regular use of KAMILARI PLUS reinforces the immune system and allow the AIDS patient to have a normal active life:

Improves appetite and digestion
Promotes the protein metabolism & carbohydrate
Stops the weight loss & helps regain weight
Cures all skin diseases like rashes, ulcerations,
  nodules, etc
Cures diarrhea
Cures fever & chills
Cures jaundice

Indication : Immuno stimulant, reinforces the immune system.

Presentation : 50 capsules / tabsules in blister pack.

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